Deep Clean Rug with These Amazing Tips

Having a Clean Rug is no less than a dream. But, before cleaning any rug, the first and foremost thing is to know what type of rug you own. This will enable you to determine the best way to take care of it while having suitable cleaning options. Cleaning the carpet is something that involves work, time, and effort. Carpets take in dirt faster than you can clean them. The best way to get rid of all the dirt and dust embedded in the carpet is by giving your rugs a deep cleaning. In the next section, we are going to learn a little bit more about the Rug Cleaning in Rockville in context to the type of material they come with.

Rug Cleaning in Rockville


Woven/ Braided rug

If you own a woven or a braided rug then this requires some hard work. These rugs require a little bit of extra care and attention during the process of cleaning them. This delicate stitching tends to get worn or torn. If you have this kind of rug, then it is advisable to opt for a professional deep cleaner. But, in case you have a small woven rug like a bathroom mat then you can wash them in the machine or as per the instructions on their tag.

Antique/ Persian/ Oriental Rug

In case you are in love with antique or oriental rugs then you know that they are durable and have high strength. But, this also means that they need additional care and attention. You just simply can’t throw them in the washer for cleaning. The only way is that you get them cleaned by a professional at least once a year. This will help in cleaning the rugs effectively while maintaining their longevity. Professional cleaners may or may not use heavy-duty chemicals depending upon the type of material.

Coir/ Sisal/ Jute/ Seagrass Rug

These types of rugs are usually ideal for the front door, outdoor, pool, or bathrooms. This is due to the itchy, tough, and scratchiness present in them. Yet, they are still beautiful. Aside, all these still they can’t clean them in the washer for the cleaning process. As it will cause them to get torn from some edges. The best way to clean them is by following the classic way. All you have to do is take them outside while hosing them down. That will be just perfect. But, if you want to give them a deep cleaning then hose them down with a good quality dishwasher. You don’t necessarily need a professional deep cleaner for cleaning this type of rug.

Fur/ Hide/ Sheepskin Rug

If you have a fur or sheepskin rug, then cleaning them can be quite tricky. As washing them in the washer or getting them cleaned by professional cleaners may not be an ideal choice as opting for these methods involves risking the hairs or fibers of the rug. This type of rug acquires a lot of work. Leather rugs need delicate cleaning as applying more water and cleaners can damage the leather while leaving a stretched leather behind.

You need to shake off the rug before cleaning it as it will remove as much dirt or debris present on the rugs. You should not prefer a professional cleaner for this type of rug. Do not vacuum them as it may damage the fiber of these rugs.

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