7 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Home

Have you thought about renovating your home? So, check out 10 simple tips to transform environments and make everything your own

Decorating the house is not as difficult a task as it sounds. With a few simple ideas and a lot of creativity, it is possible to give a new face to the home. After all, some details make all the difference, don’t they?

Remember that composing the environment is an activity that needs to be done according to your personality. Here, let’s talk about some simple tips, but it’s worth getting out of the box, okay? What matters is to follow your style and decorate with personality.

Let’s go-to tips? Follow it with us, and you can already imagine how the tricks will work there in your house…

1 – Moving furniture

Keeping furniture well-positioned changes your perception of space and helps renew the beauty of your home. That’s because you can make a facelift in an environment that isn’t as cool as it used to be. So, how about moving that sofa or bed?

An important tip is to plan ahead – measure the rooms and furniture that are going to change places, create a sketch to get a sense of how everything will be, and gather all the necessary details to make the experience work. Following these tips, we are sure that the end result will be superharmonic.

2 – Change pillow covers

Our second tip is an excellent option for you who don’t do without simple and economical decoration tricks.

With different prints and shapes, the pillow covers add a touch of personality to any room. More than that, the spaces become more alive and charming, as well as comfortable and cozy.

And you can relax when choosing your covers, because there are many models available: with or without texture, colored and basic, with fur or velvet and much more.

3 – Invest in a different paint job

Nothing against the classic white wall, but how about painting it a different color? One color, not… MULTIPLE colors. That’s right: just choose more than one tone for your wall and then enjoy the final result.

A tip is to create the half wall – the technique of painting the house walls in half – with light and neutral colors. In addition to making the rooms modern, the trick will give the impression that the room is bigger.

It’s also worth playing and making a different design, like abstract shapes and geometric patterns.

4 – Place several plants around the house

Fern, cactus, bromeliad, and orchids are some plant options to have at home. You can distribute vases with colorful compositions on side tables, bedside tables, and even on the television rack.

The important thing is to choose a place that does not interfere with your routine and that, obviously, allows the plant to breathe and take its daily dose of vitamin D.

Another very nice option for environments is the vertical garden. In addition to being mega special, this type of decorative ornament makes the walls more charming and with a touch of nature that perfectly combines with outdoor areas and balconies.

5 – Choose bed linen well

The bed linen says everything about the room, doesn’t it? Therefore, know how to choose the pieces you will use to decorate this environment that is synonymous with peace, tranquility and rest. Some essential tips are:

  • Choose the proper size;
  • Know if the fabric suits your preferences
  • Match the colors;
  • Prefer the bedding sets.

6 – Have a monochromatic environment

The monochromatic decor is a bold and modern trend that will change the beauty of your home. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a brief explanation:

A monochromatic environment is one that has varying shades of a single color. For example a room decorated in navy blue, sky blue, turquoise and so on.

By choosing the color, textures and elements well, it is possible to create incredible visual effects. To better understand all this, it’s worth taking a look at our content on Theory of Colors , which explains everything about the famous colorimetry in decoration.

7 – Hang arrangements on walls

One of the tips to renew the decor is to take advantage of all the available corners, and that’s when the decorative niches come to shine. These pieces are essential when it comes to organization, as they can be used to store different objects, such as books, magazines, vases, and picture frames.

It is worth hanging the niches on the wall straight or even diagonally. It all depends on the room where you will put the pieces and the style of decor you choose to apply at home.

Did you like our tips for renovating and building a custom home in Cloverdale? Do you already know which one you are going to use at your house? Here, you can stay tuned in to everything that is best in the world of decoration! Stay tuned for future posts and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the content in the comments.

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