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Fun Activities for the Elderly with Limited Mobility | Senior Companion Care

Many seniors lose mobility because of diseases like Arthritis and strokes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy different activities and have fun. 

There are hundreds of ways a senior with limited mobility can have fun and engage with the world without even having to move around too much. 

This is exactly what we’re going to discuss in today’s post. Whether you’re a family member looking for ways to engage your mom or dad or a paid companionship for the elderly, this post will help you keep your loved one engaged in several amazing ways. 

Buy them their favorite books

Reading is a fantastic way to keep your elderly loved one busy for hours. Talk with them about their favorite authors and, if possible, take them to the bookshop to do some quick shopping for themselves. 

You can also start reading the same book as it will enable you to discuss each chapter with the elderly and keep their interest hooked throughout. 

Reading improves memory, streamlines sleep patterns, and reduces and delays cognitive decline. 

Take them outside

Getting outside to indulge in nature can be a good mood booster. Obviously, you can’t spend a lot of time outside due to your elderly’s limited mobility. But a little walk in a nearby park or getting to the porch to sit by the big window is a great everyday activity. 

Play games

Playing games is fun. The best part? They can help improve the elderly’s brainpower and memory. 

Whether it is Trivia quizzes or card games, you can keep your loved ones hooked to them for several hours. 

Some of these games can also be played in groups. That means you can either invite people to your home or arrange an online setup where the elderly can enjoy their favorite games with their friends and family. 

Let them explore their creative side

Did you know creative activities reduce negative emotions, stress, and anxiety amongst people suffering from chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and depression?

Interestingly, we all possess a creative side of our personalities that helps us stand out in the crowd. Helping your seniors discover their creative side comes with numerous health benefits. 

For example, seniors who paint or organize family photo albums stay productive and imaginative even if they don’t spend time outside or with other people. 

You can even encourage them to give away their creative drawings, painting, albums, or recipe books. This way, they will feel included and happy. 

Help them set fitness goals

Healthy elders are the happiest. Even if your elderly isn’t mobile, there may be fitness tasks and exercises they can do to stay fit and healthy. 

Encourage them to get a fitness club membership if there’s an option close by. But if in case this isn’t an option, you can encourage them to do some basic exercises using a walker or chair. 

There are also exercises a senior can do from home to reduce swelling and manage pain. 

Have some quality screen time

Watching TV day and night isn’t a healthy pastime. But a couple of movies, TV shows, or series can surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face and keep them engaged for long hours. 

For instance, your elderly might be interested in sitcoms or watching a documentary on something they’re learning about. 

They can also watch the Travel or History channels to know about trending travel destinations or historical places. Similarly, they can also watch food channels to learn new and healthy recipes. 

Engage them with pets

Spending time with pets is the best pastime. These cute little furry creatures can keep your elderly busy and happy all day long. 

Some elderly even tend to create a lasting bond with their cats and dogs. Keeping pets can keep your loved ones away from stress, depression, and loneliness. 

They can talk with them, look after them, and even take them for a stroll as a companion. 

Let them participate in charitable causes

Even if your elderly isn’t mobile, they may still be able to give back to the community. This is a fantastic way to make them feel accomplished. 

Connect your elderly with the local charities. Also, look for the ones that offer projects for older citizens. 

Invite visitors

Most seniors suffer from loneliness, which eventually leads to depression, stress, and anxiety. 

Asking close family members and friends to stop by for a short visit is another amazing way to keep your elderly engaged and happy.

Keeping seniors happy isn’t an easy feat, especially when they’re home-bound. Take a hint from this post and keep your elderly busy in productive and fun activities.  

We hope this post has helped you find things that suit your elderly’s interests. Have questions? Drop them down below, and we’ll get back to you at our earliest.

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