8 Types of Photo Booths You Need at Your Halloween Party

Halloween is a historical event. When it comes to Halloween decor, everything looks cool – be it pumpkins, skeletons, bones, or graveyards. 

But in all the hustle and bustle, most of us forget to click memorable photos and videos that we can share with our friends and family. 

Sure, you can hire a photographer. But why stick to old-school traditions when there are tons of innovative Halloween photo booth options available? 

Not sure where to start?

Fret not! We have created this post to discuss 8-standard photo booth types you can use for your upcoming Halloween decor. You can include add-ons, custom backdrops, and different Halloween photo booth props to make your booth look the spookiest in the town. 

1. Classic Photo Booth

The classic photo booth is the coziest of all the photo booth options available to date. Your guests can enter the booth and click a series of spine-chilling photos using custom Halloween photo booth props. 

Because this type of booth can accommodate many guests at a time, the photos are sure to be memorable. It is also easy to set up this booth. You can make it look interesting by hanging Halloween-themed backdrops or adding a few add-ons here and there to highlight the Halloween theme. 

2. Open-Air Booth

Open-air booths are yet another photo booth type you can use to spice up your Halloween decor. 

One interesting fact about this booth type is that it includes no booth at all. Yes, you read that right. This booth-less station will include a camera placed on a table or a tripod. 

Some open-air booths come with props and a backdrop, while others only include a camera. If you’re renting the one with the camera only, you have to arrange your own custom backdrop. 

To use this type of booth, all your guests have to do is press start. The countdown begins, and a few photos will be clicked. 

Some companies print out photos on the spot and give them away to the guests, while others ask for emails and mail photos digitally over the web. 

3. 360-Degree Photo Booth

360-degree photo booths let your guests see themselves from all sides. 

You can also rent a multi-camera photo booth that will enable you to capture your Halloween party from all possible angles. 

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

4. FlipBook Booth

GIFs and slow-mo booths are trending these days (we will talk about them in the following sections). But obviously, they’re pricey. 

If you have a limited budget, you can hire a company that creates flipbooks for its customers. Nothing is more interesting than watching your Halloween event on a cute little flipbook that covers your entire party when flipped at a higher speed. 

5. Slow-Mo Booth

Slow-mo booths look incredibly appealing and add that exotic feel to your event. 

A Slow-mo video booth will allow your guests to generate short slow-mo clips. These clips look funny and ensure your guests have swollen cheeks from smiling at your party. 

6. GIF Maker Booth

You no longer need to depend on movies and social media GIFs to entertain your guests. You can now create your own GIFs, and that too with your friends and family. 

Take your Halloween event photography a step further by allowing your guests to capture animated GIFs. The best part? 

They can also share those GIFs on social media. 

7. Print-from-a-Hashtag Booth

Just like an open-air booth, the print-from-hashtag option doesn’t require a booth at all. Instead of renting a booth, you’ll have to book printing service. 

Now, select a creative hashtag from your party and ask your guests to tag and share your photos with a hashtag on social channels. 

8. Mirror Booth

Perfect for weddings, birthday bashes, and Halloween parties. A mirror booth seamlessly blends with all types of events and provides an exciting and engaging experience that your guests will cherish and love for years. 

And these are just some of the many photo booth options you can use at your upcoming Halloween party. Have you tried photo booths for any of your Halloween parties earlier? Please share your experience in the comments section below. We’d love to hear back. Happy Halloween!

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