Writing your first Christian ebook

Writing your first Christian ebook. As Christian writers, we do not have to be driven by profit alone in our decisions about what to write about ebooks. I believe that first and foremost, we are really the “ghost” writers for God through His Holy Spirit who lives in us. So, we must first pray and ask God to inspire us to write about something He wants us to do. You see, the amazing thing about being a Christian writer is that when God inspires you to write about a specific subject, rest assured that many people need that information.

For example, you might inspire to write about how to choose the best ebook creation software for Christian writers. You may be surprised at the number of Christian writers who are struggling to decide which software to use and understand to write and publish their ebooks. You may be inspired to write about choosing a good website hosting company.

Once your inspiration is now rising and you overwhelm with words to pen

Start writing without hesitation using any word processing software. Next, you can always cut your writing into an ebook creation software application, or simply hide your document in a simple PDF file. Please note that there are some people who write directly to an ebook creator software application. Personally, I like to write and store my initial ebook content in a word processing application and then transfer such content as needed when creating the actual ebook. In the case of an ebook PDF format, all you need to do is distill a word processing document in PDF file format.

Below is a clear, written method that I suggest you start when writing your first Christian ebook writing project:


  1. Who is your target audience? Is it just Christians or everyone? If this is the case, then you need to determine how to present Bible information in a way that many will accept. In short, you have to write what I call, “crossover” Christian writing. It is the kind of writing that appeals to both Christians and non-Christians because it contains beautiful universal truths that can relate to all people. 


  1. Write an outline of the Christian theme you have decided to write about based on a biblical theme. Decide whether you want to write a short Free Christian eBook or a full book-length. I suggest that you decide on the length depending on what the Christian ebook wants to achieve. For example, if the Christian ebook is for teaching, it may be longer than the one designed for evangelism.


  1. A subchapter of what each chapter of your ebook will be can be a one-sentence summary. This is a kind of chapter-by-chapter summary.


  1. Start with an introduction. Are there any existing problems in the Christian community, or in the whole world, and that need to be addressed in your writing? Also, be prepared to offer Bible-based approaches or solutions to the problems identified, but avoid facing trial.
  2. What do you expect your Christian writing, in particular, to achieve with your ebook? Education, preaching, or a tool for preaching a religion? Is it inspiring or inspirational writing?  Keep in mind that you’re looking at subgroups from within a common pool of Christian readers and non-Christian readers, and perhaps, new people who have recently been inspired to read ebooks and books in general.

Now. Now, focus on the focus of your original writing, which is the primary core of your Christian ebook

Write from your heart. Write as if you are sitting with someone you really care about and who you interest in. So, in your writing the value, God has given you that inspirational word. Deal with the problem of your writing, focus on the powerful words of the writing voice and write an electronic message providing short- and long-term Bible-based approaches to problem-solving. Just write. You will focus on editing later.

  1. Make sure that when you are writing is the main focus. Which is the main topic of your writing, you clearly identify specific topics. Discuss them and provide solutions or guidance based on the Holy Word of God. Your writing will not overlook, or you have little or no expert knowledge of what you are writing about.


  1. Write simple, clear, and concise. As much as possible, please shoot your points and keep them simple and straightforward. Remember when people are asking for information, the last thing they want is long. Confusing prose which is hard to understand what the point is.


  1. Try to use specific and realistic examples to illustrate your point as much as possible.


  1. Avoid using generalizations, as it may turn off some people.

11. Instead, present to the audience the Holy Word of God and give examples with real-life illustrations that may relate to your audience. For example, you can explain how a mountaineer trapped in a Swiss snow mountain prayed for a miracle and got one; A rescue helicopter that flew several times and did not see him suddenly after he prayed.

Remember that your first Free Christian eBook can be the beginning of a great Christian ministry for you. Your first Christian ebook may be the beginning of many ebooks that you will write. A Christian ebook website or education, preaching and preaching work that can touch the lives of millions of people around the world. Remember the proverb that is common. “A journey of a thousand kilometers begins with one step.” So, gear up, take the first step. And start writing your first Christian ebook.

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