Why Does Your Sleep Need a ‘Quilt’ Upgrade?

That feeling of lying down after a tiring day of work just can’t be truly expressed in words. But who’s fond of making the bed in the morning? Not many, as we expected. 

But what if we provide you with an alternative that can make you fall in love with bed-making? Yes, we are talking about Quilts. 

Quilts are the best alternative if you want an instant solution to bed-making and also want to provide it with a royal and elegant look. 

If you’re using a soft quilt clubbed with an elegant cover, then it can certainly provide an elegant look to your room without affecting your pocket too much. Plus if we talk about the benefits of this one-of-a-kind bedding alternative then the list can go up to no limit. So without much ado, let’s jump into the topic of why you should go for a quilt to elevate your sleeping experience, how it can minimize your efforts, and which quilt is the best

Lightweight solution

Usually, people compare sleeping bags with quilts but there’s not much of a comparison between those. Both of them provide comfort against cold weather to your body but if we compare the basic weight of both these things, then the Quilt always wins the race. A quilt is of much lighter weight if we compare it with a sleeping bag and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. 


A misconception lies in the mind of a buyer that an elegant-looking Quilt would have a heavy price tag. But that’s not true. If we consider the elements of a basic Quilt, then we’ll find out that it requires less fabric, fewer labor hours and it doesn’t even have a zipper to it. All these things help in minimizing the costs of a Quilt and makes it one of the most sought after alternatives to your usual bedsheets.

Movement freedom

People who love to sleep on the edge or their stomachs usually prefer Quilts over sleeping bags because of the freedom of movement they provide. Sleeping bags restrict the movement space and the user may experience a little discomfort. 

Multiple uses

A quilt offers multiple uses to the user. It can be used as a top quilt, hammock, coat or can also be applied under a sleeping bag to maximize the insulation. 

A versatile solution

A quilt can be wrapped in numerous shapes around you which makes it a versatile solution to own. They are available in multiple styles and options which makes them a perfect solution for your beds. 


The amount of warmth and comfort a quilt provides is nothing compared to its cost. If you compare the weight ratio with a sleeping bag then you can expect a quilt to be the most perfect solution. No zipper hassle, negligible hood weight, neither any insulation nor any significant fabric weight. A quilt provides everything a user can ask for at super affordable prices. 

Refreshing solution

Everyone wants to elevate their room from time to time. You can always opt for an expensive renovation that doesn’t promise the same kind of refreshing feeling that a Quilt can easily provide. Quilts with elegant and unique decorative covers can seamlessly elevate any boring room to an interesting one. A lot of designers in the market provide exclusive Quilt covers at low costs which can enhance your room in the best way possible.

Quilts are available in various styles and shapes so we cannot name that which quilt is the best. But if you’re looking for an exquisite Quilt that provides comfort and a royal look to your room then you should go for the Quilts available in the market by Kasentex. They offer a wide range to choose from and their designs are one-of-a-kind. So what are you waiting for? Click here to make your first Kasentex purchase today.

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