Insurance Broker License: What are the benefits of it ?

An Insurance Broker is someone who has a lot of knowledge about the insurance industry. They use that knowledge to assist customers in making the right buying decisions when it comes to insurance policies. At the same time, they help insurance companies, assisting them in selling their insurance products.

However, how can becoming an insurance broker would be beneficial for you? Does becoming an intermediary better comes any with advantages? Why not just start an insurance company instead? In this article, you’ll know about the benefits that come with becoming an insurance broker.

Benefit 1: You can become a mouthpiece of insurance companies

One reason of choosing an insurance broker license instead of an insurance company is the chance to serve not one but many. As an insurance company, you’d be restricted to providing your own insurance policies. However, as an insurance intermediary – insurance broker – you get to provide the services of many insurance companies.

Benefit 2: You can be objective in terms of risk assessment

As an insurance broker, you’re a bridge between the insurance company and the customer. You can advise the customer about which insurance policy would suit their requirement. At the same time, you can advise the insurer – the insurance company – about which customer has the most chance of paying the premiums on time. Because you’re taking both the needs of customer and insurer into account, your approach to your business becomes objective. You deal with facts rather than feelings – providing precise information to customers and insurers alike.

Benefit 3: The customers would trust you more

These days, customers aren’t interested in the product – regardless of its importance – they are more concerned with the kind of gut feeling that the product gives. As a representative of insurance companies, insurance broker becomes the human element – eliciting positive emotion from the customers. You can approach customer via visiting their homes physically or technologically – providing them insurance solutions on their terms. And when you do so, you can see their trust making a return to you.

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Benefit 4: Providing multiple insurance options to the customers

The amount of customers you get is directly proportional to the types of products you have. As an insurance company, you don’t have access to many. But, as an insurance broker, you have access to a plethora of insurance products – each customizable as per the needs of your customers.

Benefit 5: Ability to start an insurance portal

When it comes to businesses, insurance broker is the least restrictive one there is. Granted that there are several IRDA regulations governing the insurance broker license, but it also has several perks, one of which is to start an ISNP. Abbreviation of an Insurance Self Network Platform, an ISNP is an e commerce portal for insurance policies.  You can post the insurance policies of the insurers you’ve agreement with, and present them as product for the customers. In turn, the customers can come to the portal, peruse through these insurance products  and buy the policy that suits their requirement.


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