8 Ways to Turn Your Rugs into Works of Art

Do you have a collection of rugs that are just taking up space? Or Do you have ugly, old rugs that need to be replaced? Don’t throw away your old rug! No matter how old and dingy it is, with a little bit of creativity, you can make it an eye-catching piece for your living room or bedroom. Well, if so, it’s time to turn them into interesting ones! Rugs can be turned into creative and beautiful pieces with some creativity and effort. You can turn any old rug into a work of art. This blog post will teach you how to turn any old rug into a beautiful artistic piece!


1) Make a Wall-Hanging

Most of the rugs are vibrant with beautiful patterns and alluring texture. You can bring the beauty of your worn-out or faded best oriental rugs when you decide to make a wall hanging for your room. Just find an appropriate sized frame and add some string, nails, or any other material needed to fix the artwork on it. Now, hang this beautiful piece anywhere in your house! Besides, the rug doesn’t have to be colorful either. You can make a beautiful wall hanging with a neutral one too. A few pearls, embroidery work, sequins, or beads can make it look impressive. Or even the faux flowers on the rug can be made into a beautiful wall hanging.


2) Cover Up the Furniture

If you have some old or new furniture that looks boring, nothing could be better than painting them in bright colors and adding some lovely patterns. Or, if they’re too worn out to paint, add a few coats of varnish over the surface and let the design peek through. Cover the surface or top with a beautiful rug of your choice, and you can create a beautiful focal point in the room. Just try to notice how it brightens up the whole area of your home or office, even more so if it’s an outdoor space. But do make sure that all surfaces are clean before using them as props for rugs.


3) Cover a Wall

We all want to do something different with the front wall. It’s the first thing you see when you enter or leave your home. So why not opt for something simple yet effective? Covering one wall with a beautiful rug could be just what your room needs to give it an extra touch of class and elegance. The tribal patterns or a vibrant hue are great options for this. Take a large rug and hang it on the wall. You will get an excellent background for your photos. If you want to give your fence a textured look, go for the patchwork rugs. They will give your wall a fresh and contemporary feel. Besides, Rugs can be an excellent replacement for wallpaper, especially in areas where moisture is an issue, or you plan to redecorate the room frequently. It will save your time and money because rugs are easily removable without leaving any residue behind, while creases from paper will remain visible no matter what.


4) A Vintage Style Bench

Give a unique look to your living room or outdoors by placing a bench covered in a rug. It is an excellent idea for outdoor seating and will provide you with so many options to choose from, tribal or floral rugs. You can also try a leopard or zebra print. The rug will give you a luxurious look and feel in the living room. Moreover, A rug can add so much depth to your interior design, but it is important that they do not take away from the other decor elements of your space. Place them strategically near entryways or under windows for maximum effect. The same goes for the bench with the rug.


5) Rugs as Throws

Rugs are versatile. They can be used as throws and not just for decoration. You can use them to cover the furniture or even yourself on a cold day. Also, you can keep your bed warm with them during the winter months by using them as an alternative blanket. Rugs are a fantastic way to mix up the decor of your home. They also give a pop of color or texture to your room. You can also use them as throws in the living room or family rooms. A flatweave or runner rug placed beneath the sofa is a great way to add texture and color. They also serve as a colorful throw on a plain sofa.


6) Make Cushion Covers

You can also take your old rug and turn it into a cushion cover. You can use the old rug to add color or pattern to your room by just putting them over some plain cushions in the living room or family rooms. Also, they serve best as floor cushion covers. Take the old rug and cut it to the dimensions of the cushion you want to cover. Depending on how much fabric your rug has, you can make it as big or small as you like. Measure out about ½ an inch from all four sides, sew a seam allowance around this measurement. Turn inside out, and pin the cushion in. Sew around this seam allowance, and you’re done! Taa-Daa, your stylish boho-chic floor cushion is here!


7) Rugs as table Runners

Runners are a flatweave, thin piles,s and colorful. They are perfect for giving your decor a quick refresh. Make sure you have enough runners to place them evenly on the table. You can sew two rugs together if they are small or use one rug folded in half or quarters depending on how big it is to make a runner. Drape the rugs over the table, make sure they are evenly placed, and secure them to the underside of the table with double-sided tape. It will create a beautiful and colorful table decoration!


8) A Quick Update on your Coffee Table!

Rugs are also a great way to update your coffee table. Rugs are perfect for this because they are able to be folded and can fit just right under any tabletop you have. After securing the rug with double-sided tape, place other accessories on top, such as books or vases filled with fresh blooms that match the color palette in your rug. This works well for a specific area you want to change up but does not have the money or time to re-furnish your whole room. We all need those quick fixes from time to time!


On a Nutshell

Looking to spruce up your home? Invest in a beautiful rug and transform the room into an artistic masterpiece. We want you to see how RugKnots can help! Our team of experts is waiting for your call to show you all that we have available, as well as our affordable prices. Contact us today or browse through our website!

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