Do you know different Types Of Beds

Low Foot Beds took off my slippers. I took off my bathrobe. I immediately smelled the fresh scent of clean pajamas. I turned the blanket and went to bed. As soon as my head touched the fluffy pillow, I felt sleepy. Oh, I like that! When I leave my beloved bed in the morning, I long all day for the moment when I will be able to lie down in it again. My bed! It relieves me of stress and tension, relaxes my joints and muscles to rest.

One person’s bed

As the name suggests, this is a bed for one person. The common size is 80×200 or 90×200 cm. Some vendors also offer atypical sizes. If you are looking for an atypical size, contact any furniture manufacturer. One-person beds can be found in children’s or students’ rooms, but also in a smaller bedroom of a person living alone. Single beds should not be missing from guesthouses, hotels or other accommodation facilities that strive to meet all customer requirements.

Sofa with a seat

A separate group consists of the piece of furniture that can be both sofa and bed at the same time. During the day, enjoy the comfort of a sofa with decorative pillows, and at night turn the sofa into a firm and stable bed.

Sofa beds

The mattress is covered with fabric. It comes with a foam and spring mattress, ideal for your needs. There is storage space on the sofa. Some sofas are decorated with boards or side supports.

Baby growing up with the baby

It is an atypical model of a single bed. It belongs to the world of children. This is the bed that grows with your baby and you don’t have to worry about buying a new bed for every stage of your baby’s development.

Pat Montessori

Bed for one person without legs. The high-rise building looks like a house. Low Foot Beds, with their design, support the child’s creativity and independence.

Bed with ladder

A cot that, at first glance, looks like a bunk bed, but is still a single bed. The child goes to bed on the stairs. At the bottom is a play area or storage space.

Bunk bed

Do you remember him from childhood? Even today we find it in many children’s rooms. A bunk bed is an easy way to save space in a room. In addition to the traditional Low Foot Beds, you will also find a triple bed in our offer – a bunk bed with an extra bed or a double bed with a wider lower bed.

Standard double bed

The bed is used not only by couples, but is often sought after by many people for the increased level of comfort that comes with the larger size of the bed. The standard size is 160×200 cm or 180×200 cm. The double beds are sold with or without mattresses, and you can choose whether to buy two separate mattresses or a large one.

French bunk bed

A double bed also comes in the form of a sofa. As a customer, you can choose the fabric, the shape of the headboard and the type of mattress. You can access the storage space at the bottom “from the feet” or from the side.

The high board

As our requirements for modern design grow, so does the range of trendy beds. High boards are becoming popular. In terms of material, they are diverse. We have wooden, metal or upholstered beds.

Low Foot Beds

Another type of designer bed is the Low Foot Beds. This group includes beds up to 20-35 cm high. Although the bed looks attractive, it is not suitable for the elderly or for people who have problems with their spine or joints.

Pat boxspring

A literal translation is a bed consisting of a box with springs. The advantage of such beds is their height. Thanks to several layers of mattresses, you will have the perfect sleep.

Bed with back lighting

Are you looking for something extra modern? How about a backlit bed? RGB lighting is available in several colors. You can set the color switching to a certain amount of time, or you can choose a color that best captures your mood at a given time.

Canopy bed

The bed has a raised structure to which you can attach curtains or a light canopy. At first glance, such a bed promises magical dreams.

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