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How to Know What to Sell on Amazon

With more than 300 million users on Amazon is no wonder you’d want to sell an item on the most popular eCommerce site. It’s good to know that deciding what you want to sell on Amazon and then how to make it available isn’t as complicated as you may believe. 

The majority of the research you need to conduct is without cost through the site itself.

To ensure that you choose an item with low risk and high return for sale on Amazon we’ve developed this guide. Continue reading to find out more about top-selling items, the products you can offer, and the best way to research to make sure that whatever you’re offering is a secure option for Amazon.

What is the cost to market on Amazon?

Amazon provides two selling plans that are Professional and Individual. Its Professional sales plan is $39.99 per month, which includes the cost of selling per item, which differs according to category. 

The Individual selling plan permits the user to pay $0.99 for each item sold, in addition to other fees for selling and other fees, which differ depending on the category. It is worth noting that the Individual Selling plan does not include a monthly subscription cost and, therefore, if you intend to sell fewer than 40 products, it plan is probably the best option.

You’ll need to do some study on the cost of shipping as well as Amazon seller costs to know the amount you’ll have to spend based on the product you’re buying. This will aid you in making a better decision, For instance, an item weighing two to three pounds is light and easy for shipping, and will reduce shipping costs.

In addition to weight, you should think about products that aren’t likely to break during transport.

Furthermore, the majority of items available on Amazon range between $10 and $50, which means you’ll need to select items that you can sell very little, while still making profits.

How to Know What to Sell on Amazon

If you’ve decided that you’re prepared to pay shipping charges and your product is likely to fall within the range of a reasonable price, it’s time to determine what you’d like to offer. 

Below are five strategies to help find what you are looking for:

1. Conduct a manual search on

To research products manually that are available on Amazon, It is recommended to begin by looking at Amazon’s top-selling products within a particular category. Then, you’ll begin investigating the sub-categories in that category to find a specialization.

If you look through Amazon’s best-selling lists You can also check out the “Customers also bought” section to find ideas for similar items.

When you’ve made an inventory of the items you want to purchase, look through the Google Keyword Planner to determine whether the items have an increase in search volume, which is the level of demand.

You can also make use of Sellerapp’s tool for product intelligence specially designed for Amazon. Sellerapp provides a free trial, which permits users to explore the most popular items on Amazon by using keywords to limit their options.

2. Utilize a Chrome extension

There is one popular Chrome extension that can help you conduct searches on keywords through Amazon: SellerApp.

SellerApp displays the monthly sales volume of items and shows products that have very little competition. It lets you save your products and track the progress of each one in the future.

Certainly, SellerApp analytics can help you quickly and effectively identify a sector or product in which you might excel. 

3. Find gaps within the marketplace

It is possible to find gaps by making use of the SellerApp Chrome extension to search for products with significant monthly sales and little competition. You could discover an opportunity on Amazon with a simple search.

For example, when I type in “perfume” there are over 30000 results, however when I type in “natural vegan amber perfume” there are only 247 results.

This is an example of a simplified one However, there are times when you have to narrow your search to pinpoint a location to stand out on Amazon. 

There are many sellers selling perfume, however, there could be a specific scent, design, or even a feature not available on the site.

You can also identify a gap in the market by reading reviews from customers on your particular product’s market. Even if there are a lot of similar products currently, you may discover that consumers are not satisfied with their current products and are looking for something that you could offer.

4. Find less competitive Products:

If you’re trying to market an item that has 100,000 results on Google It’s likely to be very difficult to stand out from your competitors and make the kind of sales you’re hoping for.

It’s a good thing that it’s fairly easy to find a niche within the larger market, and has lesser competition, which means your product will be easier to be found by people searching.

The best part is that those people who are searching for your product are more likely to buy your product because they had to search for more specific keywords.

Let’s say, for example, you’d like to market cookbooks. The phrase “Cookbooks” has over 70,000 results.

Another alternative is that the search term “Cookbooks for instant pot cooking” is only found in three thousand results. Your product is not only more likely to be an instant bestseller in this area and more, but it’s also a much more specific search term.

If someone is searching “Cookbooks” they could mean anything from “Kids cookbooks” to “Holiday cookbooks.” If someone is searching “Cookbooks for instant pot cooking,” it is more probable that they will be happy with your item.

5. Find categories that have at least three results

Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking (BSR) is a reflection of both the current as well as historical sales for a product. 

If you only find one item in a particular segment with a high BSR and no other items are bestsellers It could indicate that one product dominates the market.

You should instead focus on product categories that have many items that have a high BSR since it indicates a high market demand and gives you the chance to make space for your product to make a mark.

Let’s say you are looking to market sports-related products However, you realize that “basketball” has only one product with an extremely high BSR. After further research, you will discover that “football” is a category that includes a variety of top-selling items in the very first place.

As a new seller, I would recommend selling basketballs over footballs because the research shows that users desire to explore various footballs before purchasing one.

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What to Sell on Amazon

You can make an incredible profit selling items on Amazon however, you have to be able to offer distinctive inexpensive products with little competition to succeed on the platform.

A high level of competition on the platform means it’s becoming more difficult to stand out. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to sell on Amazon solely for the purpose to sell your product on Amazon. Instead, you should be sure that you are capable of offering something worth your time.

If you’ve got a product in mind, use these tips to improve your plan of action and locate the right niche within a larger population. If you don’t already have a product in mind, begin by asking questions like: What are the top keywords searched on Amazon and what are the products that have the highest success?

After you’ve compiled the list of keywords based on your study, think about other products that the customer might find more appealing or beneficial than those that are currently on Amazon.

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