Where To Go On Vacation When You Have Unlimited Means

When you have financial means well above the average, Homestay in Mussoorie much more atypical holiday possibilities appear. Overview of these summer pleasures that a bill of five figures – minimum – does not put off.

Quentin Desurmont: The notions of luxury and exception are very relative. They are intimately linked to everyone’s tastes. Tastes punctuated by passions, the need for rest, the desire for adventure, small families with young children, couples, multi-generational families… in short, many reasons for having very particular and personal desires. For the summer, the wealthy of this world have several options: stay in Europe close to friends, go away on an exceptional adventure, retreat to a private island, or even go on a cultural or even very erudite discover

TOP 5:  

1 – Simply Europe

Rental of a villa in the parks of Saint-Tropez with sea view on the open deck or bridge yacht from 30 to 163m. The villa makes it possible to rest in the evening or to receive many parties and the yacht offers the possibility of escaping to seek the freshness and the vastness of the saline during hot days, Homestay in Mussoorie or even to leave for a few days in Corsica. Count from 20,000 to 100,000€ per week for the most beautiful villas and from 30,000 to 2,700,000€ per week for the largest yachts.

2 – The distant adventure

Peplum created the HD Travel Experience concept for the wealthy. It’s about producing and being the “hero” of a private exploration film in high definition. Destination the islands of Flores. 5 cameramen, 4 explorers and a family of up to 8, filmed by helicopter over volcanoes, Homestay in Mussoorie immersed with sharks, jellyfish and rays. All in uniquely comfortable conditions, with a private jet, two helicopters, the famous phinisi Silolona, ​​and rest at the Jimbaran Puli Bali Resort of Orient-Express Hotels.

3 – Private islands

It is the choice of some haves. The private island allows all the follies without being bothered. Some islands are famous but few have frequented them. You can rent in particular the island of Calivigny south of Grenada and property of Georges Cohen. This island can accommodate 40 people in very luxurious conditions, with “water toys”, sailboat and motor yacht.

4 – Cultural discovery

The best way to tour the great museums of this world and to travel by private jet accompanied by your 2 favorite experts, a historian specializing in ancient painting and a contemporary art critic. London, Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, Vienna, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Bombay, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Homestay in Mussoorie New York, and so on. What to refine a buyer’s eye on the art markets and to take the opportunity to discover the gastronomy of this world in the best palaces of Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Orient-Express, Raffles while taking a few idleness breaks in the Aman and other Six Senses.

5 – Secondary villa

Many fortunes withdraw in the summer to their villa, in the south, in Corsica, in the Basque country or in some castle. They then keep the winter holidays to go on safari or to discover the southern hemisphere…

Beyond the destinations, what are the activities that are most popular with the most moneyed tourists?

There are really 2 types of behavior among large wealthy entrepreneurs.

  1. Basically, they go on vacation exhausted by work, the pressure of risk, the markets and the procrastination of various governments.
  2. In search of macro-economic solutions that are ill-suited to micro-economic problems that are beyond them.
  3. So there is the option idleness, family, friends, Homestay in Mussoorie books and party on one side and the option “I-continue-at-200KM/H-even-on-vacation”.
  4. In the second case, there are sportsmen (golf, boating; kiteboarding; triathlon), adventurers (mountains; exotic countries; safaris) and intellectuals (Japan; China).

What do you think makes a vacation or trip special? Is money the only factor for having unforgettable experiences?

I think our customers each have their own notion of luxury. In truth, luxury is pure tailor-made. It’s about setting up a trip on demand, from a blank sheet that perfectly matches the expectations of all the members of a family.

  • Everyone can find their type of luxury trip according to our definition.
  •  The money is only used to have access to logistics and comfort which can indeed be very expensive.
  • However, there is a common denominator: healing with family or friends.
  • Finally, isn’t luxury simply about spending precious and therefore unique time between men and women of quality?

What do the richest tourists aspire to today: isolation, social homogeneity, normality? Does having substantial means really change our vision of holidays?

Cultural or external factors certainly have an influence on the type of trips sought. Russians have a strong perception of the fleeting side of life and fortune, Homestay in Mussoorie so they are inclined to live their holidays to the fullest. This can often lead to significant and sometimes very bling-bling expenses to live the present moment in an ultra-intense way. Americans often have this gregarious side that gives them a taste for luxury resorts or well-known destinations. They are even fans of ultra-luxurious, but not private, cruise ships. However, there are also very elegant Americans in search of refined privatizations. As for the French, they are generally convinced that to live happily one must remain hidden, especially these days.

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