CSS Tricks Every Web Developer Should Know

Cascading Style Sheet… If you are a full-stack developer or a frontend engineer, you have surely used CSS in your application. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali CSS plays an important role in making your site beautiful and attractive. A beautiful user interface always attracts the user and it becomes a good reason for the users to stay on the site for a long time.

CSS is easy to learn , and it’s fun to use and play with its properties in your web application…but very few people have mastered it. It becomes irritating for developers when their app’s elements or style don’t behave as they want. Writing CSS for your application is similar to solving puzzles. You try different properties and check how your application looks after applying your own style.

You don’t need to write the style for each HTML element. Your CSS makes your HTML code smaller. You will find it easy to create a beautiful design for your website. It is not easy to write the perfect CSS, but if you master it, you will surely save a lot of time. Plus, you won’t have to discuss the thing with the designers.

In this blog, we will discuss some CSS tips that will help you write good CSS for your project. Following these tips will make you a better developer…

Tip 1: Make your button perfect 

Buttons are the common elements of every web application. Whether you need to submit a form, redirect to another page, purchase an item , or send an email, in most cases you will use buttons to accomplish these tasks. Whatever buttons catch users’ attention, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it’s important to make your button look perfect. Different programmers follow different approaches to achieve the same result. A similar thing happens in CSS. Here are some tips to make your button look perfect…

  • Size: Area must be at least 40×40 px for your button to be clickable on mobile devices.
  • Box-shadow: Add box-shadow to create a depth effect for your button.
  • Min-width: When you see the text is too short in your button, add the min-width for the minimum button size. To center-align your text, use the text-align:center property in CSS.
  • Hover: You hover the CSS property to make your button interactive . This will grab the user ‘s attention . Hover over the button color when you hover your mouse over it. It easily catches user’s attention.
  • Transitions: Added a color transition, adds an extra touch.
  • Rounded corners : This is optional, but buttons with rounded corners also catch users’ attention.
  • Line-height : To center text vertically in a button with padding, use line-height . The line height defines the space between the lines in the case of a single line and the element with a display.

Tip 2: Button bars

You group buttons with different actions in the button bar. In this group of buttons, the total number of buttons or the size of buttons becomes confusing for developers. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali for different buttons you may need different designs, here writing the CSS becomes difficult for you. You cannot be flexible in this case.

Tip 3: Resize Image

Resizing images is also a difficult task. In your web application, you don’t want your images enlarged. It often happens that the images become blurry and the resolution of the image is low. Images should be small to avoid such problems. Most often, we represent images in pixels. Set a specific size for images. The idea is to make the original size of the image the maximum size. If the image size is 200px, keep the maximum width of 200px.

The best trick you can try is to set the size of the images in percentage. A ratio you can find between the max width and the screen width, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali then you can set the max width to a certain percentage of the screen width.

You can consider a scenario where the image is 400 pixels wide and the width is set to 100%. Now two things can happen which are given below.

  • If the screen size will be 800px wide, the maximum width will be 800px. Here the width of the image is only 400px. So this will actually display in 400px.
  • If the image is larger than your screen, for example, the screen is 300 pixels and the maximum width is set to 100%, then the image will be scaled to the size of 300 pixels wide.

Tip 4: Fixed Header

We all use headers in our top application. Headers look good, but it’s hard to make a perfect header. You might have noticed on every website that the headers are sticky. This property is achieved by using position:fixed for headers. But here you will face a blank space at the beginning of the page .

You will face the issue when you need to resize the page. The header height will change whenever you need to adjust the space. You will also encounter an issue with scrollbars. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali part of it will be covered by the header. To overcome this problem, use CSS’s flex property.

Tip 5: Center Content

None of the websites works without content. It is important for UI developers to be careful when placing content on different pages and styling them. Content on any website should be placed correctly and it should look good on multiple devices with multiple resolutions. It is also a difficult task.

Most developers use media requests to solve this problem. Adding media requests in content makes things complex, as you may need to add various media request codes for different resolutions.

To solve this problem, you can resize the page content according to the size of the browser. Here you have to consider content inside div is text. Here it will be hard to read when each line is around 1300px-1500px. Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you must limit the content width. Center it horizontally as it won’t cover the full width with higher resolution.

Below is the solution to fix this problem…

  • Max-width: You should limit the page size to the maximum width
  • Margin: “0- Auto” – This property will set the same left and right margin, which will center the div horizontally with “class=page”
  • Padding: To create space between the screen and the content.


At the beginning of your career, you will use CSS and you will learn a lot, but writing perfect CSS is not easy. It comes with practice and seeing other people’s code. Play around with your code and check how it affects your web application. You will understand many things by doing this.

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