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Unique Places to Visit in New York

New york city. The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps whatever you call it. New york city has no shortage of unique and exciting things to do and places to see. For tourists, the obvious choice is Times Square and the Empire State Building. But NYC has so much more to offer than that iconic scene from Annie Hall. We have picked out 10 unique places in new york city. You won find in any tourist guidebook to visit with your next trip to the city. Check them out below!

Walk around Central Park

Central Park is an oasis of greenery and calm, located right in Manhattan. You’ll find a lake, a zoo, carousel rides, beautiful architecture and more. The park is an ideal place for people-watching. Grab your camera and spend some time snapping pictures of all kinds of people enjoying themselves. It’s free to enter (just bring some cash for rides and food) and open year-round from 6am – midnight. Be sure to check out Strawberry Fields (the memorial dedicated to John Lennon), Bethesda Fountain, Shakespeare Garden and Wollman Rink during your visit.

Visit Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to some of America’s most innovative and creative thinkers. There’s so much to see and do. It may be worth spending a few days just getting to know Brooklyn. You won’t regret it. Go to Williamsburg for a hipster day out, or head to Park Slope for some delicious brunching. If you’re staying in Manhattan, take a long stroll from Soho down through Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Keep your camera handy! Make sure you don’t miss: The Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO & FIT Foodies Market on Tuesdays (between 14th St – 15th St). Fort Greene Park and Prospect Park.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an instantly recognizable icon of American history. The massive statue rises from Liberty Island. A small island located off Manhattan and within view of both Brooklyn and New Jersey. If you can’t catch a ferry right away, don’t worry It won’t go anywhere. The statue will be here when you have time to visit. But don’t wait too long – most people only see her once or twice in their lifetime. Make sure you’re able to check her off your list!

Go to Harlem

There’s a lot of buzz these days about authentic black culture. But there’s no other place where you can experience authentic black culture than Harlem. Catch a Sunday service at one of many gospel churches and marvel at how soulful it feels. Spend an afternoon perusing work by African-American artists at any number of galleries and shops. Feel like shopping? Go to Marcus Garvey Park on 125th Street and visit Revolve Clothing An African-American owned fashion retailer out. To revolutionize fashion for people of color across America. For some of their exclusive pieces inspired by people like Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes. Through Spirit Airlines Reservations, you can get great deals on flight tickets.

Visit Times Square

Times Square has changed a lot over time, but it’s still one of NYC’s most iconic places. From visiting Broadway shows to seeing famous landmarks, there’s always something going on in Times Square. If you go at night, you can see millions of lights. Even catch a glimpse of one of those gigantic advertisements plastered across buildings. Want to take your trip to NYC up a notch. Visit during the Christmas season when Rockefeller Center is decked out with festive decorations! That’s how I celebrate: Visit Times Square!

Take a walk on Central Park

In good weather, there is no better place to take a walk than Central Park. Its 843 acres of lakes, woods and pathways are well manicured, and they always seem clean. The park has a pleasant variety of activities from sporting events to live musical concerts. It’s one of the best ways to see all aspects of Manhattan without having to pay for a cab or subway ride. If you don’t have time for a long stroll. But want a quick fix on nature and wildlife, be sure to visit Central Park Zoo. The location alone puts it at number five on our list.

Take an afternoon off for art at MoMA

MoMA is one of NYC’s most famous museums, not just for its incredible permanent collection but also for its rotating, world-class special exhibitions. Whatever you choose to see there, you can easily make a full day of it; spend an hour or two taking in modern and contemporary art, then enjoy lunch at any of MoMA’s many dining options (this writer recommends 15 East) before catching a movie at their Sunshine Cinema. Don’t forget: admission is free!

Eat fresh seafood on the waterfront

A great way to experience a new culture is through its food. When you travel, seek out local street food and markets as they are often uniquely adapted versions of common dishes you can find at home. Exploring tastes within any country will be a highlight of your trip—especially when it’s so easy! Just hop on a ferry or water taxi and head down to South Street Seaport where you can try fish tacos from one vendor and lobster rolls from another, all for about $15 each. Be sure to get your fill of hush puppies, hand-cut fries, fried clams and shrimp before heading up north for pastries at Russ & Daughters or bagels at H&H—two iconic NYC spots that rival any world-class bakery.

Eat at an American restaurant/ diner

An American-style restaurant/diner is your chance to experience some classic comfort food. Offering up favorites like burgers, fries, pizzas and sandwiches (that’s grinders to you) An American joint is always a good bet when you want something hearty, tasty and cheap. Oh, did we mention it’s also likely to be open 24 hours? That way if you ever get a late night craving for a meal at 3am when everything else has closed – or even if you just can’t wait until morning – you know where to head.

Have brunch by the water at Zeytuna

Brunch is no longer just an indulgent Sunday meal. Brunch is a way of life and at Zeytuna. You can have brunch right by the water, sampling their wide selection of dishes for every taste bud out there. Located in Battery Park City, Zeytuna offers open patio seating as well as stunning interior décor. It will fill your plate with delicious and exotic culinary options from around the world. The atmosphere at Zeytuna is exciting, energetic and inspirational, making it a great place to visit. Whether you are in town for a business trip or want to spend some time exploring all that NYC has to offer on vacation.

Taste some of America’s best restaurants

To dine out, or not to dine out? While it’s certainly not a cheap option, dining at one of America’s finest restaurants is an amazing experience. If you only have a few days in New york. there are plenty of meals you should try. From Italian cuisine at Del Posto (reservations recommended) and classic American fare at The Modern (make reservations), restaurants in NYC offer options for all styles and tastes. Pick one or two—you’ll have to save some room for dessert!

Visit the Fashion District and sample foods from different cultures.

Take a stroll through Manhattan’s Fashion District, an area packed with over 300 clothing showrooms where you can explore new fashion trends. The food options are just as diverse, especially if you love international cuisine. So much so, it is almost difficult to tell what country you’re even in sometimes! While some of these foods can be found throughout NYC, there are many specialties only available in specific neighborhoods. So take a look at our list of 10 must-try dishes and plan your trip accordingly!

Watch Broadway musicals

The Lion King, Hamilton, Les Miserables, Rent, Avenue Q… all of these shows are Broadway staples and absolutely must-sees if you’re visiting New York. And if live theater isn’t your thing? Many of these musicals are also available on DVD. Pack up some snacks and enjoy them at home!
See a football game: If you like sports (or even if you don’t), a visit to NYC is not complete without watching a professional football game at MetLife Stadium (the stadium for both NY Giants and NY Jets). Tickets tend to be fairly inexpensive as well!

See a Broadway play

Sure, it’s touristy and pricey, but no visit to NYC is complete without seeing a show on Broadway. Show up at least an hour early for your chosen production to take advantage of discount ticket offers (usually half-price) or stand-by options which allow you to purchase tickets on short notice if a last-minute cancellation occurs. Most Broadway shows also offer rush tickets just before curtain time which can save you up to 50 percent off regular prices. Afterward, get back into Manhattan’s nightlife with a trip to one of NYC’s many bars, clubs or concert venues – or settle in for a memorable meal at one of its top restaurants.

Experience quintessential NY with a Broadway Show

Rent isn’t just a popular musical; it also happens to be one of New York City’s greatest treasures. Tapping into its rich culture and raw, gritty beauty is no easy feat, but you can experience it all by grabbing a ticket to a Broadway show. Whether you like theater or not, seeing one of these classic shows at least once while in NYC is a must. If you are an arts enthusiast who has always wanted to see what Broadway is all about then don’t think twice – do some research online and start planning your trip now! Even if your taste leans more towards theater than pop music, there are plenty of shows that cater towards every kind of fan.

Go hiking in Riverside Park

With over 350 acres of beautiful parkland to explore, Riverside Park is an exceptional place for a leisurely hike with friends and family. From its first beginnings as an extension of Manhattan’s Central Park, Riverside has become a much-loved community space that feels almost uncharacteristically natural within city limits. The views along each path are stunning and make it easy to forget you’re right in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities! Whether you start at Riverside Drive and W. 70th Street or W.

Get your cultural fix at The Met and NYPL

There’s no shortage of museums in New York City, with The Met and NYPL often topping visitors’ to do lists. With treasures spanning art and antiquities, plus an array of temporary exhibits and events throughout the year, you can always find something new to explore at both institutions. If you’re feeling inspired while visiting these cultural icons (or if you simply have a few extra hours on your hands), check out our tips for where to find free Wi-Fi at The Met. You can also keep up with @nypl on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more news about upcoming events and special exhibitions.

Go backstage at Radio City Music Hall before a show

Radio City Music Hall opened in 1932 and quickly became one of New York’s most iconic buildings. The interior alone is a true wonder; its many rooms, painted ceilings, and symmetrical layout make it an attraction worth visiting on its own. And, since Radio City operates daily tours that let you see just how productions are set up before they hit Broadway stages, there’s no better time than now to visit! Guided backstage tours are available Tuesday through Sunday at 1:00 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 5:30 p.m.; reservations are strongly recommended.

Explore Gramercy, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, West Village, East Village and SoHo – NYC’s most fashionable neighborhoods

Each of these neighborhoods offers unique restaurants, bars and shopping options. Plus, unlike most American cities with large tourist populations, many out-of-towners don’t venture much past Midtown Manhattan. There are plenty of great neighborhoods that aren’t overrun by tourists. Don’t miss these areas on your next trip to NYC. It’s also important to know that local residents – especially those who live near popular tourist destinations – can get irritated with touristy behavior like snapping photos or stopping too frequently in front of storefronts or landmarks (you’ve probably seen signs reminding people not to stop in front of buildings). As a general rule, if you’re using your cell phone for something other than taking pictures or navigating, keep moving so as not to annoy locals and other visitors. All information, such as flight fares, destinations available, food menus, and extra luggage costs, can be obtained by calling the Spirit Airlines flight Reservations helpdesk.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or ride over it by bike

Whether you’re on foot or two wheels, you can’t miss a walk or bike ride across one of Brooklyn’s most iconic landmarks. It’s simply stunning, as is everything else along that stretch of coast. There are tons of great views, it’s both safe and convenient (rides are available by way of Citi Bike), and it offers access to some stellar foodie destinations like Grimaldi’s Pizza and Blue Bottle Coffee. If you want to add a little variety to your visit, there are also boat tours from Dumbo around Manhattan Island, which take place at night with live music. It’s an epic experience for sure!

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