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How Custom Candle Boxes Can Change Your Business Completely

Beautifully lit candles radiate serenity in their surroundings. These are pleasing to the eyes and soothing for the soul. Especially when we talk about the fragrant candles, the atmosphere they create is irresistible. That is why candles are never out of fashion. However, an increased demand means increased competition for the candle manufacturers. They have to try every means to stay afloat and keep going. One of the most important tools here is the packaging. It is by far the most important part of branding. A well packaged candle reflects the care with which the product itself is crafted. Hand made candles with innovative designs packed in aesthetically pleasing boxes make a complete package.

The candle boxes USA market has flourished a lot in the recent years because of the fierce competition. Innumerable candle boxes suppliers have flooded the market with a huge variety of box designs. However, before you embark upon a journey to hunt the most suited packaging partner for your candles, you need to be clear about the important features you should be aiming for in your candle boxes. There are a few features which must not be compromised while settling down for a candle packaging box.

Your Candle Boxes Must be Sturdy

Candles are, without any doubt, among the most fragile products and they can get easily reshaped if they aren’t packed carefully. Moreover, in today’s world of e-Commerce, chances are that you’d be shipping your candles to far off places on order. This means that your lovingly crafted candles are going to travel a few miles before they reach their destination. Hence, it is imperative that your candle boxes should be sturdy enough to protect the candles from the bumps on the way and also from the careless handling by the courier staff. 

Whether you go for cardstock, kraft material, corrugated cardboard or extra rigid boxes, make sure the make is sturdy. No one loves the damaged product and you can imagine the impression it creates. Hence, investing in a durable stock for packaging is worth every penny. The stronger your boxes, the more solid your brand’s image will be. 

The Undeniable Role of Aesthetics

When the shelves are pouring with the huge variety for the same product, which one is going to get hold of customer’s wandering eyes? Obviously the one that pleases them the most. Without a beautifully design outfit, your candles aren’t going to stand a chance to be try no matter how in quality they are. Hence, aesthetics have one of the most important roles to play if not the most important. 

Eye catching boxes with novel designs are sure to get customers’ attention and convert it into action. When it comes to box designs, the options are innumerable. If you find yourself clueless here, check the design catalogues of the packaging companies and you’d certainly find something that pleases you. Moreover, most companies offer customization in any selected design. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can come up with a unique design of your own and get it tailor made for your particular candles. You can go for the custom made die cut window boxes which are highly in trend nowadays. They not only look great but also enhance the appearance of your candles and make it easy for the customers to reach a decision without having to open the box. Besides, the candle boxes manufacturing companies mostly offer expert advice by their graphic designers. And what’s best about this advice is that it comes free of cost. So, it is never a bad idea to ask an expert, especially when it doesn’t cost anything. 

Finish them Well because All is Well that Ends Well

You made a soul quenching candle with extremely fascinating fragrance, you find your box prepare with the highest quality material and professional looking design, but you didn’t find it finish well. The chances are that your competitors with average box design and high quality finishing are going to drive away the attention from your candles.  Finishing provides an extra luxurious outlook to the boxes. It makes them look premium and reflects professionalism. An extra coating can not only add to the beauty of the box but also provides extra protection to the printed text against wear. Rose gold finishing, matte finishing, aqueous coating, shiny finish, etc. are to name just a few options among a variety of finishing options provided by packaging companies in USA

Besides, the additional options like gold and silver foiling; embossing, debossing, spot UV etc. offered by the packaging companies give your boxes a 3D look allowing them to stand out from the rest. So, if your budget allows, don’t hesitate to invest a few extra bucks on these ‘extras’ as it is an investment worth every penny.

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