How Can I Earn Money With Scraping Through Freelancing?

How Can Earn Money With Data Scraping Tools?

Did you know the database is the best source to grow a business’s sales and marketing efforts? There are billions of websites on the internet. They contain databases in the form of emails, phone numbers, product prices, images, etc. This data can be scraped by using web scraper software. In today’s world, data has become a necessary part of any business marketing strategy. Just by knowing enough about customers and trends, you can grow a business to the next level. A Web  Scraper does this all work and you can earn money with a web scraping tool easily.

Data Scraping tools go through the website or database and take the data they want. Virtually any website can be scrapped for emails, phone numbers, reviews, and other contact details. Some websites don’t like to be scrapped which stops these web data scrapers from taking their website data. But if you are good enough you can essentially scrape 99% of websites data online by using the best web scraping tool.

If you didn’t know what a Web Scraping tool is, well now you have an idea and we can get to the point of why you are reading this article. Money. Web Scraping is a unique way to earn money and to grow a business that isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are a few methods and examples to earn money through web scraping.

How Does Web Scraping Tool Work?

Web scraping is simply the act of collecting data from the Internet in a structured format. However, on a large scale, web scraping allows you to collect data in large volumes through the use of web crawlers. The web crawlers are also called “data scrapers” or “data extractors” or “web harvesters” or “data finders” or “ and, data miners”. They analyze the data from a given web page and extract the data in a structured Excel or CSV format for the user. This is how web scraping works.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Using Web Scraping Tools

  1. Offer Web Scraping Tools

A web scraper is just a technical term for a program that does a specific action for data collection. If you are a programmer or software developer, offer your skill to others to create a web scraper. You can sell it to those who don’t have the programming skills to make software themselves.

To show how you can create a bot and sell it, I created a Top Lead Extractor software. This Email and Phone Number Scraper allows the user to input a keyword, zip code, mobile company code, and website URL. And it will return all phone numbers and email addresses with the owner’s name from websites, search engines, and local files for mobile marketing and email marketing.

To demonstrate the Top Lead Extractor, we take an example. Let’s say I want to search for Doctors’ phone numbers or email addresses in New York, USA. I simply input Doctor’s name into the search bar of the software for the targeted location with zip code, and it returns all the phone numbers and emails for your given location and name from Google within seconds in an organized seks hikaye excel spreadsheet. Moreover, The Web Contact Extractor supports 66 search engines and 195 countries. So, you can get email databases and phone number databases for any country and industry.

It is now much easier to find the email addresses and phone numbers of targeted prospects for a targeted location for your clients. I am selling this software for $79.99 for one year. If you are a developer and want to earn money through web scraping tools. You can build your own web scraping software and sell it to freelancers, marketers, business owners, etc. to earn money. Trust me people will pay you more if you provide the solution for their problem.

  1. Scraping Business Reviews And Data

Reviews are important to understand the behavior of customers. You can scrape customer reviews for them from different websites. You can extract reviews from sites like Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, White Pages, etc. If you are not a developer, you can use this Best Google Maps Scraper to scrape business reviews from Google Maps. This Google Maps Data Extractor not only scrape reviews, but also other business contact information such as business name, address, website link, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, working hours, image link, and much more from a business listing.

  1. Freelancing

Every business owner and marketer needs data to run a business or a marketing campaign. For that purpose, businesses hire freelancers and developers to collect this data. And marketers buy this data from freelancers or data-providing companies. Freelancing has become a huge business of selling data and services. There are thousands of coders and non-coders who are earning thousands of dollars by providing web scraping services.

Many freelancers earn money through freelancing websites but they are not programmers. I know, you are curious, about how it could be possible. Yes, it is possible by using email and phone number finder tools. They are using Cute Web Email Extractor and Cute Web Phone Number Extractor to collect email database and phone number database respectively for their clients. These tools require no coding to use them.

They use these tools to scrape emails and phone numbers from websites for targeted industries and locations. And then sell them to others at high rates. You just have to take an order from a buyer on Up Work, Fiverr, or any other freelancing platform and all work will do Cute Web Gmail Email Extractor and Cute Web Mobile Number Extractor for you.

Needless to say, you can earn thousands of dollars monthly with these tools through freelancing if you are not a programmer.


There are many other tools that you can use to scrape data from websites to fulfill your client’s requirements. On our website(Ahmad Software Technologies) you will find also LinkedIn Scraping Tools, Facebook Scraping Tools, Amazon Scraper, Twitter Scraper, Business Scraping tools, Ecommerce scraping tools, and many more. These all tools require no coding to use and you can make more money by scraping these websites’ data for your clients.

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