How to Shop for a Worthy Cause

When shopping, there are plenty of opportunities to give back. Along with donating to worthy causes, those who are ready to shop can purchase the items they need and know that they’re giving to a charity that’s worthy of their money. But, just shopping alone isn’t going to help. It’s important to know where and how to shop to give money while buying the things you need. Use the following information to start learning how to shop for a worthy cause.

Pick Out Some New Jewelry

In the market for new jewelry? Check out options like wildlife conservation jewelry. When any piece is bought, a percentage of the purchase price is donated to a charitable organization. Along with receiving high-quality jewelry, you can help out a wildlife fund and help save the animals. With plenty of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect.

Buy Some Clothes

Shopping for clothes is a good way to give money without spending extra. Many designer boutiques will send a portion of their proceeds to a charity, so you can give to a worthy cause without having to make a donation on your own. Look into the clothing retailers that offer this option and check out the charity they’re partnered with to see how easy it can be to donate clothes or money to those who may need it the most.

Pick Up Pet Supplies

Pets always need supplies. Instead of shopping at a big box store, check out smaller boutiques and look for ones that help save animals. Often, local boutiques will partner with a nearby sanctuary and send a portion of the proceeds to them. The shelter then uses the money to help rescue and rehabilitate various animals. These animals may be released into the wild again once they’ve recovered or lived out their life at the sanctuary.

Pick Out Toys

Need a gift for a kid? Pick up an extra one and donate it to local shelters, foster parent organizations, or other types of charities. Not ready to spend money? Toy stores may offer to donate some of the proceeds from sales to charitable organizations. Take a look at smaller toy stores and find out if they help various organizations with their donations. If they do, purchase the toys, and some of the money from the sale will go to helping others.

Head to a Benefit

Benefits are often held as a way to bring in more money for donations. There is typically an entrance fee or a cost per plate to eat at the benefit, with proceeds going to a charity. Plus, there may be auctions or other events designed to help bring in as much money for a cause. This can be a fun event, on top of being able to give more to those who need it.

Check for Donation Opportunities

Many companies are deciding to allow consumers to pick the charity to receive donations. When buying from these companies, there is usually a large list of charitable organizations to choose from. Take the time to find the right charity, then shop as often as necessary, and a portion of the sales will be sent to the charity of your choice.

Are you looking for ways to give back or help raise funds for a worthy cause? These are just a few of the ways to do that and are a great way to get started, even if you don’t have extra funds to donate right now. Check out the various local stores around town to learn more about whether they offer to donate a portion of their proceeds and, if so, where they donate the funds. This way, you can shop for the things you need and feel good about doing it. 

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