Home Decor Ideas For Pet Lovers

It can happen to anyone, anytime when one day, you get home and take a look around and you see that none of your decor pieces reflects your love for pets. Don’t be concerned! We’ve compiled a list of paw-fect home decor ideas that would make a wonderful addition to any pet owner’s home. We promise you will have a wonderful time going over these funky items. Take a look at this list to see what your home requires next! Ready? Pet! Paw!

Pets Beds

A beautiful pet bed is one way to brighten up your home decor. You can transform your home into a peaceful and comfortable environment for your dogs without sacrificing the appearance of your interior decor. Elevated pet beds are a step up as compared to regular pet beds in terms of style. It is preferable to blend the pet’s bed into the home’s décor rather than tack it on as an afterthought. There is another interesting thing that making your pet’s furniture match your home’s furniture will give the impression that your pet is a true family member. You can get a custom pet portrait of your dog and get it printed on these cute beds. Give it a shot.

Pet Rocking Chair

The rocking chair acts as a great medicinal tool as well as a piece of furniture. They are beneficial to people of all ages, but they are especially beneficial to middle-aged and senior citizens. It is a natural and effective technique to help with a variety of health concerns, from enhancing mental health to reducing physical pain. They never went out of style. So, why not get a customised pet rocking chair? Like the one in this image. This will look very cool and one of a kind.

Custom Pet Portrait

A flawless portrait of your pet would be the genuine crowning pearl of pet decor. This portrait might be hung over the mantle, in the hallway or entryway, or anywhere else in your home where your friends and guests can easily view the photo of your pet cat or dog. Flaunt the love for your dog, your pet-parenting moments, his first outing picture, first vacation picture etc.

So, you can send in your favourite photo of your dog or cat and have it turned into a one-of-a-kind work of art for your home with these personalised portraits. You can get a custom pet portrait like this from Pawstro. There are basic and framed posters available to give your pet the attention they deserve. If you have two inseparable pets, you can also get a painting of both of them together in one frame with a custom pet portrait service.

Hand Towels and Beds (People’s)

People bedding, in addition to canine bedding, can be great pup-grade! Blankets, cushions, hand towels, and other items can be used to display your affection for your dogs.

A unique portrait blanket of your pet will add more colours and thoughtfulness to your home decor! Get one with maximum softness with a personalised artwork of your pet. This is perfect for a living room or further adding comfort to any bedroom.

There are also unique pillows and pillow covers available for pet owners to demonstrate their love for their pets. From basic paw-print designs to sequin surprise pillow paintings of your pets, you can get one home today.

Hand towels and kitchen towels can be used to add paw prints and kitten whiskers to your home decor in a more subtle way. These small details go a long way toward demonstrating to your visitors who the true star of your home is.

Pet-Themed Wall Clock

Wall clocks serve as both a time-showing device or a decorative piece. It provides a splash of colour to your space and if you go for something like a pet-themed wall clock, then it will add more of a fun element. You may pick a picture which you think would suit your clock, walls and moods the best. You can go for a customised pendulum wall clock too, with a bone-shaped pendulum. Whoever sees this, will take no time to understand that your home is a Furr-fect home.

Paw-Print Door Mats

Welcome your guests or yourself with a big smile whenever they/ you are home. Cute paw print door mats can be another quirky way of showcasing your love for pets as well as unique decor items. You can also get a smart one-liner or a word printed on it. For eg: Woof Woof! Welcome Home, Wipe Your Paws, Pawsitive Vibes Only, Home of Tom, You are about to enter into a Doggo Verse etc.

Pet Crockery Set

This elegant and luxurious way of decorating your home can also be your pick. You can proudly display these posh crockery pieces, whenever your guests come over and serve them fresh drinks and food in them. They will get a cute, proud and confident vibe while sipping or munching every sip/ bit from these.

Additionally, there are a few pet decor ideas for animals like cats or others that you can go for, eg: cat towers, kitty shaped planters, kitty mugs, kitty bed sheets, kitty lamps, goldfish shower curtain, hamster tube wall tunnel etc.

Which of these pet-themed home décor ideas do you think would work best in your home?

We at Pawstro, hope you discovered something fun to incorporate into your home’s decor to help you and your guest remember your cute pet. There’s something for even the pickiest of pet owners, whether it’s blankets, pet beds, culinary gadgets, or custom framed posters of your fur baby! If you wish to get a digital portrait of your pet done in either a soft copy or a hard copy, reach out to us. You can also check out other excellent pet home decor things for yourself or someone you know who has pets online. Do let us know what funky decor piece did you finally get home. Happy Pet-ting!

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