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Warehouse Management Software – The Most important Features

Different businesses face different types of challenges in managing a warehouse. In a heavy traffic area like this one, there is always something coming and going out of the inventory. Every single move in the warehouse has a strong influence on the business’ performance and its ability to fulfil orders on time. Businesses now pick warehouse management software as a solution to the common warehouse challenges. The exact set of features depend on the customization that the business chooses. But there are some must-have features in these warehouse management solutions. Here are a few of these essential features that add value to the business. 

Before we talk about the features of WMS, here are some of the perks of using one for your business. 

Benefits of WMS 

  • Businesses looking to automate their processes in inventory tracking and other operations will find the use of WMS to be beneficial. 
  • Efficient labor management in the warehouse also becomes simpler with the help of a productive WMS. 
  • Businesses with a WMS in place will also find it easier to transition to a large-scale advancement like an automated ERP integration. 

Essential features to look for in a warehouse management software 

1. Seamless mobile device integration 

One of the main benefits of using a tech-savvy warehouse management solution would be the ability to add a diverse portfolio of devices in the system. It supports hybrid work culture and allows all the involved team members to access WMS data from anywhere and on any device including mobile devices. So, pick a WMS that comes with a mobile-friendly interface that allows easy viewing of the dashboard on a mobile device.

2. Inventory process tracking 

There is movement of products in both directions in an inventory. A good WMS would be one that helps in tracking both inflow of goods and outflow. Receipt and shipment of products should be collectively tracked for a clearer understanding of the inventory status. 

3. User-friendly interface 

There is a lot of sophistication that a WMS brings to a business. But it is also designed keeping the actual users in mind. Most of the people who use the WMS interface might not be experts in technology and therefore the chosen solution should come with user-friendly features. Only when the interface is straightforward, the users would be able to utilize all the features offered. 

4. Analytics you can trust 

Collecting data would not be enough if you do not have a good way to process it and generate reports. A good WMS would come with clear analytics tools and easy report generation. As a result users including the top management would be able to capture the essence of the warehouse management processes without any hassle. Allowing customization of the parameters based on which the tracking and reporting can be done would be another useful feature. 

When you are comparing your options in warehouse management software, make sure that you pick a system that comes with all these essential features. They all make sure that you get the best value investment for your business.

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