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Implement Top Range Of Features In Uber Clone App To Stand Ahead In Competition

Everybody is making Uber Clone App!

You don’t want to be the first in line to create an Uber clone taxi app. So, what are your options for standing out from the crowd? A good taxi booking app not only increases revenue but also opens up new business prospects, allowing you to acquire more consumers.

Buy White-label Uber Clone App solutions made with native Android and iOS platforms with the required functionalities and the latest features if you are an entrepreneur or a start-up looking to enter the On-Demand Taxi Booking Industry.

It’s critical to note that the Taxi Booking solution you’re releasing aims to link your company with your customers quickly and efficiently, with specialized applications and panels for customers, drivers, and business admins, all of which can be used from the smart app.

Why Transform Your Taxi Business With Uber Clone App?

CubeTaxi’s Uber Clone Solution will enable you to create a cab business like Uber with Android and iOS apps for drivers and passengers and an admin dashboard for management. Uber-like apps can be customized with minimal effort and can be used to create unique Uber-like Car Rental Apps, Bike Taxi Apps, Uber-like Taxi services, Moto-ride Rental services.

Top Features To Have In Your Uber Clone App 

This is a ready-made Uber Clone fully customizable and White-label app solution created for young entrepreneurs to start their online taxi business. 

The features are newly crafted and customized to suit your business needs.

No matter if you are just starting or shifting your traditional taxi booking business, Buy CubeTaxi Uber Clone Script Solution to help acquire more customers.

Top Uber Clone App Features 

Taxi Booking iWatch App

With the Uber Clone App, your customers can now book taxis through their Apple smartwatches. All they have to do is make sure their iPhones are connected to the smartwatches. They can also pay online using the Apple smartwatches. This is a trailblazing feature of the Uber Clone App.

Restricted Driver’s Fraud 

The Driver will not be able to mark Ride status as “Arrived” unless he is within X meters/feet of the Rider’s pickup location. We have received complaints about Drivers marking Ride status as “Arrived” even when they are far from the Pickup Location.

Location-wise Push-notifications

Users of selected Locations will be able to receive Push Notifications from the App Owner.

Cookie Consent

Cookies consent popups alert users about the use of cookies on your website in compliance with GDPR.

Using Firebase

To authenticate users, Firebase Authentication uses backend services to verify their phone numbers. With this technology, you can avoid expensive third-party SMS verification of the User’s phone number.

Restricted Passenger Limit

The driver can limit the number of passengers based on the COVID19 government policies. For instance, a hatchback car can seat 5 passengers, but due to Pandemic and social distancing, it is limited to 3 passengers.

Apply Toll Cost Manually

There may not be tolls in some countries. the driver can manually add the toll amount to the invoice once the trip is completed.

Graphical Status of Rides

The feature enables the rider by updating the status of the ride via Graphical icons via in-app notifications.

OTP verification To Start The Ride

The driver will ask the user/rider for their OTP confirmation code before starting the trip.

Developing Cost Of Uber Clone App 

While calculating the actual cost of developing a Uber app for Android and iPhone, the platform Android or iOS also plays an important role as it affects the total hours of Uber developers. 

Robust Admin Panel

As the competition is fierce and the roads are so congested, this ready-to-use Uber script app solution comes with powerful Admin web panels so that you can manage your on-demand taxi booking business online.

The Uber Clone App solution comes integrated with the Multi-languages and currencies, as well as secured online payment methods. Being a customizable taxi booking script it allows Admin to make modifications like changing the logo, color, themes, etc. Without any technical help.

Try Free Demo Before You Buy The Uber Clone App 

We know you might have come across several Uber Clone app providers. With each one of them offering something different to make you buy their app. However, we believe in transparency, so we offer a free live demo of our Uber clone app and all of our ready-made solutions.

Alternatively, you can download the app from the play store and app store (links are provided below). You can also contact our sales team to schedule your free live demo. Our expert sales executive will show you how the app works and will be ready to answer all your queries.

CubeTaxi has already released 1200+ On-Demand Applications for startup and mounted marketers to begin their successful commercial enterprise journey. Now it’s time for you, generate more revenues, acquire most customers all over the globe by launching Uber like App. 

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