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What are Amazon’s Owned and Operated Sites for DSP?

Advertising through using the Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) will help you increase your brand recognition both online and off Amazon as well as across the many that Amazon’s operated and owned websites and applications.

In this article we’ll go over eight Amazon owned and operated websites and apps with ads that are available via Amazon DSP. But first, a quick refresher on Amazon DSP.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) allows advertisers to purchase ads and videos by programming.

With Amazon DSP, you can purchase ad space at or Amazon subsidiaries, as well as access to third-party websites. The Amazon DSP Audience Builder allows you to create (and redirect) audiences using a variety of variables, such as the use of behavioral targeting, lifestyle targeting and remarketing as well as similar audiences.

One of the most significant advantages of placing ads on Amazon DSP is that it allows you to place ads on Amazon DSP? It’s the only option to promote through Amazon’s own and controlled websites and applications, such as IMDb as well as Fire TV. In fact, Amazon owned and operated websites were responsible for 69 percent of DSP expenditure in Q4 2019. Advertisers using Amazon DSP Amazon DSP can also leverage first-party data gathered from Amazon-owned and operated websites and applications.

Amazon-owned and operated sites and apps for DSP

1. Amazon devices

Amazon’s exclusive devices — which include Kindle E-readers and Fire Tablet, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV allows advertisers to be seen by Amazon consumers across different devices. Amazon has seen the use of ads-supported Fire TV apps increase over 300% over the course of a year.

Fire TV offers advertisers access to Amazon over-the-top (OTT) advertising. Amazon OTT advertising is ads that are placed on streaming TV as well as movies on the Amazon DSP network. Full-screen ads that are non-skippable permit advertisers to focus on specific Amazon audiences.

The Amazon Fire TV has 37 million active monthly users, making it the most popular OTT channel. Alongside Prime Video, Fire TV has over 50 third-party ads-supported apps, such as AMC along with Pluto. Each of these apps offers advertisers more ways to reach their intended viewers through OTT advertisements.

2. IMDb

Amazon purchased the TV, movie and celebrity news site Internet Movie Database (IMDb) in 1998. Following its acquisition Amazon utilized IMDb to market products related to movies, such as DVDs. In the last few months, IMDb launched IMDb TV IMDb TV, a streaming service that is free and ad-supported. service. IMDb is another great OTT advertisement option for advertisers using Amazon DSP. Amazon DSP.

The year 2008 saw IMDb purchase Box Office Mojo which made the latter an Amazon subsidiary too. The company was established in 1999. Box Office Mojo tracks and publishes information on the box office’s revenue.

3. Woot

Daily deal website Woot was purchased by Amazon for $110 million in the year 2010. Woot offers its customers limited-time discount prices on various categories, such as apparel, consumer electronics, sports equipment, and food items. Amazon Prime members get free shipping for all items purchased from Woot.

4. Shopbop

The company was founded in 2000 and is an “denim-focused e-commerce platform,” Shopbop offers women’s designer clothes. Amazon bought Shopbop in 2006 and Shopbop purchases qualify to receive Prime’s two-day free shipping.

ShopBop also has a section within Amazon’s clothing category called “The Shop by Shopbop.”

5. Digital Photography Review

In November 1998, Digital Photography Review is precisely what it’s name implies: A website that is dedicated to digital photography and digital cameras. Amazon purchased DPReview at the end of 2007.

Beyond the standard Amazon DSP ads, DPReview offers a variety of ways to advertise that include an “range of content marketing activations”:

  • Advertising on display
  • Articles sponsored by sponsors
  • Video content sponsored by sponsors
  • Social amplifying
  • Customer insights

While DPReview is a prime advertising space for companies selling photography equipment, any business that is using an Amazon DSP can advertise on the site, such as these advertisements for Microsoft Surface.

6. Zappos

On July 9, 2009 Amazon bought online retailer Zappos with an acquisition price of $880. Since then, Zappos has continued to be a distinct entity instead of being absorbed into Amazon’s clothing section.

As part of the acquisition, Amazon also acquired 6pm, a division of discount retail from Zappos IP, Inc. It was acquired from Zappos in 2007 by Zappos, 6pm is focused on deals in fashion.

7. Goodreads

Goodreads is an online network of book lovers all over the world. Users can rate, review and discuss books, find new titles and share their reading list with friends. Since its debut 2007 Goodreads has grown to become one of the top 350 well-known websites on the planet as per Alexa rankings.

Amazon bought Goodreads during 2013. Advertising in Goodreads via Amazon DSP Amazon DSP isn’t limited to books, as you observe in this ad from Sephora.

8. Twitch 

Twitch is a hugely well-known streaming video live streaming service which was first launched in the year 2011. As of February 2020 Twitch boasted 3 million monthly broadcasters as well as 15 million active daily users.

When Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014 collaboration with Twitch with Amazon Advertising has developed as in September of 2020 at the time Amazon made it clear that advertiser can show advertisements on Twitch via the Amazon DSP

Starting today, we’re applying new functions to Twitch as well as Amazon advertisers across the world. Twitch videos and media for display, in addition to new Twitch audiences, are available to be used into Amazon Advertising campaigns. Additionally, Amazon audiences are now available to be used in Twitch campaigns.”

In the end the advertisers are investing more on the Amazon Demand Side Platform which allows brands to utilize Amazon targeting capabilities when displaying ads , not only on Amazon owned and operated websites -however, they can also show ads on sites that Amazon doesn’t control.

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