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Finding a Surrogacy Agency? These Tips Can Help

Working with the right surrogacy agency is crucial. As intended parents, you don’t want to take chances. It takes time to find a surrogate mother that matches your expectations. You want to consider factors that both parties can agree upon before entering into an agreement.

You must have already searched for the best surrogate agencies in your area. You may want to find a surrogacy agency in your vicinity. We get it. You want to keep the process easy and convenient. However, make no mistake of shaking hands with the wrong agency. It’s about bringing a new life into this world, and you should do everything to make your journey of becoming a parent rewarding.

Let’s help you know what factors you can consider before finalizing a surrogacy agency.


When choosing among the best surrogate agencies, you should consider their experience. How long has it been established? If a surrogacy agency has got more experience, it should be able to guide you well. But, experience is not a deciding factor alone. Sometimes, it could lead you to the wrong path. So, you should consider other factors as well. Let’s talk about another important factor in the next point.


Having experience in handling surrogacy is one thing but establishing a rapport in the market is another. You should check the success rate of a surrogacy agency. Does it have what it takes to be among the best surrogate agencies? A reputed agency will ensure a smooth process and offers a good experience. Since surrogacy is not a child’s play, you need a dedicated team to make your dream of becoming a parent come true. Let’s talk about that.


It’s not easy to find a surrogate mother that understands you. As intended parents, you need to find the right match. Besides, there will be screening tests, including physical and mental health tests. There are other guidelines too. So, it’s a time-consuming process. With that said, when you work with the right team of surrogate experts, they can help you find the right surrogate. That’s why it’s important to discuss your requirements in length so there’s no confusion as you move forward.


A surrogate may demand a specific compensation package. Well, that depends on the surrogacy agency. As intended parents, you should also set aside a budget. Don’t end up incurring the cost. Your chosen surrogate may have to travel, and it depends on the agency and intended parents if the travelling and medical costs are included in the package. There’s remuneration for sure.

Do your research

When you plan to find a surrogate mother, you should do extensive research on the topic. You may have to ask other intended parents if they can help. Or you can take help from your friends and colleagues if they know someone or suggest a surrogacy agency. Whatever helps. The idea is to make an informed decision rather than relying on one or two agencies. You should not regret your decision.

Maintain a healthy bond with the surrogate

Once you’ve chosen a surrogate agency and found a surrogate, you should work towards maintaining a good relationship with the surrogate. Both parties may have doubts and apprehensions. It’s better to support each other through this emotionally-rewarding journey. You never know; you may become good friends.

Rite Options is a leading surrogacy agency that helps intended parents and surrogates in fulfilling their dreams. It has helped several intended parents build families and continue to do so. If you’re looking for a reliable surrogacy agency, you can end your search here.

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