Green Spaces: The Benefits of Living Close to Nature

Green spaces are now regarded as part of having a home. People are now looking for a sustainable space to live where they can experience the utmost comfort and convenience.

Nowadays, the demand for a living space has been more than just having rooms for cooking, sleeping, bathing, and entertaining. For most of the homebuyers, the concept of what makes a home extends beyond the areas where the family resides. It is because the community where the family lives is now being considered as part of their home.

With the onset of the pandemic, communities with green spaces are now well-regarded as top priority for investors and homebuyers alike. A lush and verdant green landscape has become a breathable and livable space to keep the family safe and healthy. This is what makes homes worthy of an investment. For this reason, real-estate developers tend to incorporate nature at home.

In the Philippines, condominium developments are built with pocket gardens and walkable pathways that condo residents can truly enjoy. Usually, these areas are filled with aesthetically landscaped trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. Hence, it gives a resort or vacation vibe complementing the condo’s lifestyle amenities.

On the part of condo residents, green spaces impose a myriad of health benefits. From having a cleaner and fresher air to enjoying a stress-free environment, green spaces have a significant impact both on the physical and emotional wellness of the condo residents.

This is why, you should consider buying a home that places your well-being into a premium not only through its 24/7 security, but also through its spaces.

Having a Home with Pine Trees

Have you ever thought what it feels like living a home lavished with pine trees in the middle of the city?

Imagine waking up at the sight of a panoramic landscape filled with Caribbean pine trees. This picturesque sight is usually found in the high lands. Today, pine trees serve as one of the finest assets of condo living. Who would have thought that pine trees could be a great form of condo amenity?

Apart from that, being in a home with pine trees makes living closer to nature. You could also experience the cold breeze all year round. Since the pine trees envelope the community, the heat of the sun is warm to the skin because the lush foliage of pine trees filters the heat that the sun is emanating.

The Benefits of Green Spaces

  1. Rejuvenating to the Spirit

Being close to nature has a different effect both on the body and soul. The rustling sound of its lush foliage offers a soothing frequency that brings both the body and soul in a calming peace. Moreover, the laid-back ambiance that green spaces offer, particularly the pine tree landscape, a serenity that city living cannot offer.

The good thing about green spaces in condos that are at the heart of the city is you do not need to travel far or you do not need to go to high places in order to indulge yourself with green spaces. The rise of pine-estate condos allows green spaces to be at par with the domination of cemented and mirrored buildings of a progressive city. Hence, people can now have an easy access to nature, and more importantly, it is closer to home.

  1. Boost Mental Health

Another great thing about green spaces is it really boost mental health. A certain part of nature is really offering a sense of relief from stress and anxiety. For this reason, many people who travel to forest parks would love to bathe themselves amidst the verdant landscape.

When you are in a home with green spaces, you can actually have a nature bath by just taking a stroll, a walk, or a morning jog as you inhale the fresh scent of pine trees. You would eventually notice that being immersed in green spaces for a certain period of time will leave you so calm and peaceful. It is as if the nature itself has a healing power that resonates to your inner mind and body.

  1. Natural Privacy Screen

Green spaces lavished with foliage such that of pine trees gives a natural privacy screen. In this way, the outside noise would be filtered out; thus, removing any distraction from your home.

  1. Healthful Pounds of Fresh Oxygen with Pine Scent

Compared to the usual green spaces, a landscape filled with pine trees gives off its unique pine aroma that you would definitely fall in love with. You will realize how wonderful it is to be able to breathe a clean and fresh air complemented by the scent emitting from pine cones of the pine trees.

  1. Green Spaces Where You can Breathe and Reflect

Finally, green spaces will give you a space to actually breathe and reflect about life. The serene community will help you get into your deep thoughts and desires. Consequently, it will lead you to ways on how to improve yourself and receive a significant growth because you were able to take a break from the noise and bustle of the city and work demands.


Why Being in Green Spaces is the Modern Way of Home Living

Gone are the days that condominium developments are just mere structures of mid-rise and high-rise buildings. Likewise, condos have become more than just residential spaces with the advent of adding lifestyle amenities.

As condo lifestyle elevates, the once was residential space can now be considered a vacation home because of the resort vibes that the aesthetically landscaped green foliage in the community radiate. In addition, the staple amenity of swimming pool areas adds to the laid-back ambiance of a vacation home.

Today, condo living is already taking into future forward lifestyle where nature is more than just a mere asset for aesthetics. Nature in a home or green space is now part of the lifestyle.

Since people are looking for a place where they can reside, they now seek for a home that offers a tranquil ambiance that vies away from the stress of the hustle and bustle of city’s demands. For this reason, being in a home with green spaces is a perfect way to elevate home living to the next level.

Indeed, nature will definitely dictate the modern way of living today and in the next years.

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