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inkjet printer System Complete Detail

How to choose an inkjet printer?

The type of marking is important for the manufacturer. Initially, manual labeling was acceptable, but nowadays the requirements for what information to use are becoming more stringent. Consequently, there comes a point when every aspiring manufacturer must decide what and how to mark. We would like to focus on the most common and widely use method of labeling – inkjet labeling.

What is a continuous inkjet printer use for?

Inkjet marking is a method of non-contact application of information using ink drops. A continuous inkjet printer is use to apply alphanumeric, graphic and barcode information to the product itself or its packaging. Since the marking is apply without direct contact with the printer’s print head, there is no smearing.

What do people encounter when selecting equipment?

The first thing you see is a plethora of one-size-fits-all offerings, and to tell the difference between companies that make marking equipment, you first need to know what to look for. You need to decide on the type of equipment and the company you will be working with in the future. The reputation of the company, the availability of services and the possibility of ordering consumables also play an important role.

Where can I buy a continuous inkjet printer in Moscow and other regions of Russia?
Videojet Technologies is a global leader in the marking equipment market, offering a range of printer models suitable for marking on a variety of surfaces: Paper Plastic Metal

Glass and other materials.

The most common use of this type of marking machine is in the food and pharmaceutical industries for marking cartons of various sizes and cables on extrusion lines. Other applications are also possible – the above are just the most common.

First of all, inkjet printers are classify according to the workload and speed of the line. If production runs around the clock without interruption, the capacity of the coder must also be appropriate. And on the contrary, it makes no sense to put the powerful equipment, calculated for constant load, on the production, which works 4 hours in one shift.

Our company has recently develop a low-cost inkjet printer, Videojet 1040. It can be called the starting point of the development approach to production automation. The printer can print up to three lines of information in black ink, and no bar code is required. Marking speeds of up to 130 m/minute are possible.

Inkjet Printer

This printer is often use in water filling plants – 1-2 lines of date printing at about 100 m/min, milk production with similar tasks – 2 lines of information at about 80-100 m/min.

Videojet 1040

This model is just as good as the other 1000 series models, but if your production speed is more than 130 meters per minute, if you might need to print QR, DataMatrix or barcodes, then it is not the right one for you.

If your production line speed is not much higher than 130 meters per minute, it makes sense to consider one of the most popular continuous inkjet printer models, the Videojet 1220. This coder can print up to 3 lines of information with black ink at a maximum speed of 162 m/min.

Then, depending on the degree of speed increase at which the device can mark, there are a number of printers that are orient towards the middle performance (from 279 meters per minute), the so-call “golden mean”:

Videojet 1580 features

The Videojet 1580 features easy and safe component replacement during maintenance without stopping the production line. Videojet Optimize lets you control printer performance to lower your total cost of ownership.
Videojet 1520 – Ideal for medium-heavy applications (top speed 279 m/min).
The Videojet 1560 offers the Videojet 1530 a 5-year warranty before ink cartridge replacement. The Videojet 1560 also features a wide and user-friendly screen for easy data entry.
Videojet 1580
If your marking application is demanding due to harsh environments (dusty, humid, high or low temperatures), high speed, or the need for non-standard font sizes or colors, Videojet Technologies inkjet printers are the right choice for the job.

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