Study In Italy: A Guide For International Students

Italy’s rich history and exquisite food still draw tourists just as they have for long periods of time for Study In Italy. The snowcapped Dolomites located in Italy’s North as well as the sunny coastal Mediterranean tradition of the South the Italian regions are diverse and thrilling. For international students looking for an affordable, world-class education offering a variety of leisure and social events Few countries offer as captivating as Italy.

The significance of culture in the country stretches into the past, and the past is a welcome to students of archaeology and the history of each street corner. There are many who believe Rome continues to be known as the Eternal City, the centre of an empire that began around 2,000 years ago was a vast expanse that stretched from to the rainy Britannia up to the deserts in Syria. In its heyday, it covered Egypt and a significant portion of North Africa and nearly all of Continental Europe.

The Italian’s Ancient Roman monuments, magnificent as they are, are only one aspect of the whole story. The Renaissance from the 14th to 17th century began from Italy (as as the Rinascimento) and spurred innovations and revolutions in the fields of art and architecture, philosophy, sciences, and religion throughout Europe. Creative thinking and innovation was booming, bringing gems of medieval and ancient thought into the contemporary world.

University studies in Italy

It’s not surprising that so many international students immediately feel at right at home in Italy. Bologna’s University of Bologna has been welcoming students since 1088. it’s the longest-running school in the world. its founding has earned the city the nickname: la dotta, “the learned one”. Bologna is at the cutting technological advancement into the twenty-first century. Bologna is a leader in academic innovation. 

Italian universities are proud of their history and ranking. It is the provides over a dozen degrees from around the world. courses delivered in English. It was founded in 1982. Tor Vergata was ranked one of the top young universities in Europe and is well-known for its excellent student satisfaction and a high percentage of employment for students who graduate from the university.

Italy hosts some of top businesses schools across Europe such as the highly regarded SDA Bocconi located in Milan which is the country’s financial capital. Its MBA programs regularly top international and European ranking, and numerous notable business leaders are alumni of the school.

Many different universities throughout Italy are making strides to increase their internationalisation efforts and provide specific degree programs for students from abroad. There are more than 500 English-taught courses that are available in Italy. Every year there are ever more opportunities to study abroad in Italy and in English.

Find study programs within Italy

The cost of life and the tuition in Italy

Italy is a low-cost study location in Europe. Although the costs of lodging and living is high in cities with large populations like Rome or Milan small cities are typically less expensive. Universities with large campuses usually provide assistance in finding housing; with chance, you may be able to secure an apartment in a low-cost student house.

In comparison to other countries in Europe the Italian public universities are affordable. In the average, universities in Italy cost about 1,000 EUR annually. Top-ranked prestigious universities might charge more. The most notable example would be University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy, where tuition costs are linked to your family’s financial position Based on your income of the family, tuition fees range with a range of 150 EUR up to about 5 000 EUR annually.

Life as a student in Italy

They will help you make acquaintances quickly. They will show you how dining out and enjoying top-quality nutritious food is essential to the “la dolcevita” (“the delicious living”) for each Italian.

however, Even though you’ll be able to be able to manage with just the most basic phrases and words that are in Italian, English is not widespread outside of an academic environment it is not a necessity. You will certainly benefit from learning a few lessons in Italian prior to and during your stay. This is especially the case in the event that you decide to remain and work in Italy after you graduate.

Cultural activities range from local festivals that are traditional and major sporting occasions in the world. Italian nightlife is always vibrant, particularly in cities. In summer, most people go to the beach or the countryside. For a quality of life beautiful, unforgettable Italy offers value to every student.

Study In Italy: A Guide For International Students

Europe’s top boot-shaped nation, Italy is a country that is rich in beauty as well as culture and history. Starting from to the Alps located in the North to the beaches of the coast to the coasts of South and everywhere between, studying abroad in Italy can give you access to an amazing variety of historical, cultural and touristic treasures.

Italy has played a significant part in the academic world, helping to facilitate the development of European higher education with the Bologna Process. Students who study in Italy can gain knowledge in the classroom and also a significant cultural understanding within one of the continent’s most youthful republics.

More details about Italy

So, The Italian universities are among their oldest institutions in Europe and around the world. It is believed that the University of Bologna was founded in 1088, followed by the University of Padua in 1222 as well as in 1224, the University of Naples in 1224.

The educational system in Italy has been based on the Bologna system since 1999. The 3+23-cycle system allows you to be a graduate of the Italian university with bachelor’s or master’s degrees after five years of studying. With such long-standing institutions of higher education, Italian student traditions are just as old-fashioned!

Student Visas

So, Do you require an entry visa in order to travel to Italy to pursue your studies? Find out more about the process for obtaining a student visa and the steps you must take to get into Italy according to whether you’re an EU citizen or not. Find out what you require to do to remain in Italy for a semester abroad!

Application Process

Every country has specific admissions criteria for students in order to gain admission to the university. Find out more about the requirements for admission to universities in Italy and learn about the steps you have to do dependent on your country of residence 

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